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FRIDAY, March 17th at 8:00PM

Stone Quarrying in New England: A Visual Field Guide


By James Gage 


When exploring old quarry sites, it is common to find various tool marks, abandoned blocks of split stone, eye bolts, cables, and other remnants of equipment. All of these different features offer clues to the time period the quarry was worked, the tools used by the workmen, and other insights into the operations. This presentation is an introduction to reading these quarry landscapes. It will cover how to identify the tool marks, the type of quarry operation and the remains of the equipment. It will delve into a brief history of the tools, methods, and technologies used in New England’s quarry industry. 
Bio - James Gage and Mary Gage are a mother/son independent research team. They have thirty years of experience researching stone structures in Northeastern United States. Their research covers historic stone quarrying, Native American ceremonial structures, utilitarian farm structures, root cellars, milestones & guideposts, and the America’s Stonehenge site. They have published ten books, produced a documentary film on America’s Stonehenge, run the website, and have published a number of articles in regional archaeological journals.
Pebble Pups
Pebble-pups will be discussing some weird minerals that can be found involving heat.
Lightning strikes the ground and melts holes forming Fulgarites. The temperature in a lightning strike can reach 50,000 F  and melt quartz. We will see the results along with molten rock thrown form a meteor impact. And finally how about fused quartz from a nuclear blast? Trinitite is rare, but it tells a story of the day of origin. They are unique in any collection and we will see and talk about them. Don't forget a rock for show and tell, and I will see you at the meeting.
Don't forget to bring a specimen for show and tell!
There will be a short Business Meeting Followed by Refreshments.  Please Feel Free To Bring An Item For The Refreshment Table!