Burlington Council On Aging

Senior Center

61 Center Street

Burlington, MA  

Our Next Meeting will be held on:
FRIDAY, May 19th at 8:00PM
Our Speaker will be Tom Rich
During Tom's 50 years in mining product development the most interesting adventure he experienced was his work at the Nuclear test range in Nevada. So the talk will be the "Geology and Reality of the Nuclear Test Range in Nevada".   All of the mysterious work the US government has done over the last almost one hundred years has been centered in the wilderness of Nevada just north of Las Vegas. Rumors of  "flying- saucers", "star-wars weapons", and "secret military aircraft" have made movie fame from this area. Well, he spent some time there dealing with its unique geology to deal with what was really going on.   Although on Tom's visit in the 1980's required entry with no cameras, now some of the area is open for tourism and photographs are permitted. However, the stories depicted on the signs or presented do not accuratelyreflect what the military actually did there. Tom will share his experience with three areas of interest: "star-wars weapons tests", "nuclear repository", and "area 51". Plus he will see why the geology made this place so important. See you at the meeting.


Pebble Pups
Pebble Pups are invited to the Regular Meeting.
There will be a short Business Meeting Followed by Refreshments.  Please Feel Free To Bring An Item For The Refreshment Table!